The project coordinator Sandro Barone is presenting the H2020 project PRIME-VR2 (WP1)

Video on Platform requirements and data capture (WP2)

Video on Development of additive controller structures (WP3)

Video on Mechanical properties and assembly (WP4)

Video on Platform Evaluation and Validation (WP7)

Video on Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation (WP8)

VR days 2020 User's upper limb profiling for Virtual Reality applications Armando Razionale (University of Pisa)

VR days 2020 Lessons learnt from VR controllers (DfMA) Philip Farrugia (University of Malta)

VR days 2020 Protecting IP and Commercially Sensitive/Strategic Innovation Jenny Rainbird (Inlecom)

VR days 2020 VR and Telerehabilitation Anthony Demanuele (FlyingSquirrelGames)