Game Environment Instructions

Detailed Instructions on how to set up and use controller


Step 1:

Navigate to ‘SteamVR Status’. Press the ‘Options’ button and navigate to ‘Devices -> Manage Trackers’.



Step 2:

Select ‘Manage VIVE Trackers’ and set Both tracker’s ‘Tracker Role’ to Disabled


Step 3:

Run the PrimeVR program and while it is running, turn on the trackers one by one starting with the tracker strapped to your Elbow followed by the tracker strapped to your Wrist. If the correct tracker is highlighted Yellow the procedure was done correctly. If needed switch the bespoke setting according to which arm the controller is strapped to.


Extra Tips:

If during runtime the tracker roles switch for any reason, turn on and off the Elbow tracker.

If the position of the player’s Head feels inaccurate to your head in real life, navigate to SteamVR Status, open the options tab and re-calibrate the Room Setup