Kinisiforo & NICOMED Rehabilitation Centre

The Kinisiforo & NICOMED Rehabilitation Centre  Kinisiforo NICOMED Rehabilitation Centre is a registered trademark of Kinisiforo Ltd. A company registered under the laws of Cyprus: registration number HE285669, the registered office of which is No.8, Lambrou Charalambous, Akrounta. The Company specialises in the development and supply of equipment for the rehabilitation of patients with neurological conditions and is run by qualified professionals who understand the needs of their patients. 


Our main product is a cutting-edge rehabilitation system called Kinisiforo. This system was designed and developed based on the results of long-term clinical and scientific research and implements a new method of neurological rehabilitation called K-Set. This method was developed in collaboration with NicoMed Rehabilitation Centres (Limassol, Paphos in Cyprus), that has significant experience in rehabilitation of neurological disorders such as MS, ALS or Parkinson disease, adults and children with cerebral palsy, people after stroke, People with brain or Spinal cord injuries. 


Since 2004, in our centres we offer daily to our clients: physiotherapy, kinesiology, Speech therapy, occupational therapy, Dietician, Psychologist as well as Medical Supervision from General pathologist, Neurologist and Orthopedic.

Role in the project

  • Select patient to use the VRHAB-IT platform
  • Specify the special needs and requirements of the patients in order to use VRHAB-IT
  • Secure patient safety for using the VRHAB-IT platform
  • Test VRHAB-IT in a real Rehab environment
  • Specify the improvements that are needed to be done after testing
  • Promote VRHAB-IT

Team Members

CEO at Kinisforo Ltd and Manager at KNRC

Onisiforos Hadjionisiforou

Mr Onisiforos Hadjionisiforou finished his studies in kinesiology and specialised with an M.Sc. in Rehabilitation, from Semmelweis University in Budapest with a distinction. He started working in Cyprus since 2004 and was involved in researching and assessing various methods and devices which was already available on rehabilitation and what else was needed to be improved and modernised. Then came the passion for creation and how to make things more efficient. He invented a new medical device for movement rehabilitation name Kinisiforo certified with worldwide patent from WIPO (World Intellectual property organization). Today, Onisiforos is the CEO of Kinisiforo Ltd and manager of the NicoMed Rehabilitation Centers.

Physiotherapist at KNRC

Andreas Ioannou

Andreas Ioannou is a physiotherapist, who studied in University of Patras Technology Institute Greece. For the last 7 years he has worked at Nicomed Rehabilitation Center in Limassol in the section of the rehabilitation of patients after stroke and with children with Cerebral palsy. In addition, he is the physiotherapist in one of the biggest volleyball teams in Cyprus.

Kinesiotherapist at KNRC

Stelios Michael

Mr Stelios Michael is a certified kinesiotherapist who studied in Private Institute ‘DELTA’ in Thessaloniki, Greece. In the last 5 years he has worked at Nicomed Rehabilitation Center in Paphos, focusing on the rehabilitation of patient after stroke.

Kinesiotherapist at KNRC

Pantelitsa Ioanou

Mrs Pantelitsa Ioanou has studied Special Rehabilitation at ‘Delta’, in a Private Institute located in Thessaloniki, Greece. She is a certified kinesiotherapist and for the past 10 years she has worked at Nicomed Rehabilitation Center in Limassol for the rehabilitation of young and adult patients with cerebral palsy.

Physiotherapist at KNRC

Chara Vasiliou

Mrs Chara Vasiliou is a physiotherapist with M.Sc. in Neurology. She studied in National Sports Academy “Vasil Levski” – Sofia, Bulgaria. She is a research physiotherapist on rehabilitation methods on patients after stroke. She works for the last 2 years in Nicomed Rehabilitation Center in Limassol. She is working daily with stroke patients and patients with neurological conditions.