INLECOM is a European SME with offices and consultants in Brussels, Ireland, London, Spain and Greece. Originally established in 1996, with the seminal charter of promoting innovative Information and Communication Solutions, INLECOM has since expanded upon these foundational competencies over the last 20 years. Today INLECOM are an established leader in Digital Ecosystem Platforms & Technologies in domains such as Transport & Logistics, ICT, Healthcare, IoT, Cognitive Computing, Social Software, Cloud, Analytics, Big Data, Mobile Computing and Security. With an international team of experts in the areas of Mobility, Business Consulting, Commercialisation, EU PO and USPTO Patent Filings, Solutions and Business Analytics, INLECOM provides strategic knowledge-centric solutions and consultancy to help private and public organisations use their unique capabilities to create or strengthen their competitive advantage. Some of the core competencies include:


● In Management Consulting: Business Processes Improvement and Transformation, Risks Management, Governance, Compliance, New Business Models, Innovation Management & Patent Filings, Commercialisation, Market Analyses, Feasibility Studies, Business & Go-To-Market Plans.

● In Analytics and Integration: Business Analysis, Business Modelling, Key Performance Indicators and Analytics, B2B and B2G integration, Information Exchanges, Message Exchanges Standards 

● In Systems and Information Architectures: Public/Private/Hybrid Cloud Solution Architectures for Big Data, including innovative business intelligence, big data analytics, data mining.


INLECOM is dedicated to research and innovation in cross cutting domains that address policy, strategy, regulatory, policy, operational excellence, commercialisation and IP protection. Currently INLECOM is the coordinator of four high profile H2020 projects, CHARIOT, Track & Know, ICONET and SELIS, directly aligned with the company’s strategy.

Role in the project

  • INLECOM will take the role of the Commercialisation Consultant for the project, as well as the role of Innovation Manager with responsibility for IPR and successful patent filings for the anticipated patents produced during the project.
  • INLECOM will design and implement the protection strategy for the core and strategic IP capital. This strategy will be used as a valuable tool and framework for monitoring, managing and documenting any activity regarding the IPR of the project’s tangible or intangible outcomes during its lifecycle.
  • INLECOM will lead and guide the commercial roadmap for the project, associated business plan, feasibility, market analyses and market research as well as VC/Investor landscape assessment to guide commercial and industry sustainability of the project.

Team Members

Director of Innovation & ICT Solutions at ILS

Patrick O’Sullivan

After a 24-year career at IBM (CTO) Patrick joined INLECOM in 2017 as CTO and Director of Innovation, with an interest in supporting commercial outputs from EU Commission Funded R&D Projects across the SME sector. Across his career he has led countless commercialisation projects and teams across Ireland, UK, USA, China, Japan, Israel, France, Korea, Germany and India over 28 years. He has demonstrated a passion for industry led innovation that has evidenced new commercial products, spin-outs/spin-ins, and new client facing technologies deployed and used by hundreds of thousands of clients. He has filed over 500 patents, many of which have been filed in multiple countries, many in joint names with collaborating partners, and many of which have been successfully commercialised. He won both the Smith Testimonial Prize and the Mullins Medal at Engineers Ireland for commercially impacting R&D. Both of Pat’s M.Sc. and Ph.D. research degrees were IBM funded, won industry prizes in 1997 and 2001 respectively, and yielded technologies used and deployed across IBM world-wide labs and IBM partners. Several of his patents have won industry awards for scientific innovation, advancement and excellence. He has assisted in company acquisitions, and subsequent IP development/integration leading to new market leading product for Fortune 500 organisations. His own personal R&D interests have also led to numerous successful advancements, products, technologies, spin-ins and spin-outs. As an example, Logentries was a spin-out company from a jointly funded Science Foundation Ireland project, the innovation in which Pat conceived and led at his lab over 3 years, and in 2015 Logentries was acquired by Rapid7 for $68m. Pat has a strong commercial and international profile, evidenced by 130+ written citations from senior Industry, Government and Academic leaders across USA, EMEA and APAC on his LinkedIn profile. He is frequently called upon to speak at conferences and events in Ireland and across Europe.

Commercial Director at ILS

Patrick Durkin

Mr. Patrick Durkin, Commercial Director. Patrick has led a range of commercial enterprises over an extensive career in enterprise technology. From an early career in software development in Boeing, he moved to software sales in global technology providers such as Teradata and Informix. In 1999, he was appointed country manager for SAS Institute in Ireland and over 7 years delivered consistent year-on-year growth. Subsequently as CEO of iQuate, he led the company from a very early stage to become a recognised global leader in IT cost optimisation. Over recent years, he has assisted a range of early stage technology companies with developing a customer centred product strategy.

Project Manager at ILS

Jenny Rainbird

Mrs. Jenny Rainbird, Project Manager (MBA). Over the past 20 years Jenny has led a diverse range of challenging international projects in a wide variety of sectors including security, logistics, safety and maritime transport.  She has a profound understanding of the complexities of managing diverse stakeholders and leading winning project teams across geographies to deliver complex, high value solutions, consistently achieving business outcomes, on budget, in the necessary timescales.  Jenny is adept at managing conflict, removing barriers and resolving issues, turning around failing projects to secure success for executive stakeholders. Jenny is a highly motivated and empathetic leader with excellent people skills, enabling her to rapidly develop effective relationships at all levels to assist clients in realising their goals. Jenny has a Masters Degree in Business Administration and holds PRINCE2 foundation and Practitioner, 2019