Capitola Digital BV (CPD) is a digital innovation-driven organisation. This means we always work with the most advanced technology and rely fairly heavily on R&D and prototyping in our products and services. We work with a team of some 25 driven colleagues in the field of development, creation, communication, strategy, and project management on projects for both governmental, semi-governmental, non-profit, and commercial organisations. The focus of our productions is particularly on interactive installations, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality, but this merely relates to productions. Our services aim to translate (complex) issues/topics to ready-to-use, simple communicative visual solutions. This results in the relatively unique way in which we work: we not only have the strength to create innovative products, but can also handle the translation from VC issues or messages to solutions and experiences. Capitola was founded by merging an advertising agency and a digital agency into an organisation that can handle both the strategy, concept and marketing side, and also design (2D and 3D), animate, and develop what is conceived. Capitola works for a large number of corporate organisations, both in the Netherlands and internationally (Europe, USA, and Asia). Our customers cover a wide spectrum of sectors and include ING, Rabobank, Shell, Samsung, AEGON, Van Gogh Museum, PepsiCo, Ford, Randstad, Novartis, Netherlands

Public Prosecution Service and Zurich Insurance Group. 


Capitola has a strong focus on developing innovative strategies, concepts, and installations. Globally speaking, we are one of the leading agencies in the field of developing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality visual messages. The fact the Capitola develops products in-house, leads to a highly efficient collaboration with the customer and ensures that everything is developed in a timely and cost-effective manner. In other words, not only do we understand what our customer wishes to communicate to their customers, we can also realize it in-house as well. The proposition of an advertising and digital agency in one entity is unique, giving Capitola a unique position in the market. This is acknowledged by the many (corporate) customers, some of which are referred to above. 


With a broad spectrum of project types, we have developed our own method that is customised for each specific assignment. Depending on the focus of a project and the nature of the customer, we determine how the method will be optimised prior to starting up a project. Our most common operating method approximates a combination of Project Based Work (PBW) and the Agile method. This results in a highly visual way of working: prototyping. We know from experience that a project proceeds successfully when the project group and customer are presented quickly with something tangible. It accelerates both the perception and the decision-making process of both the project group and the customer’s stakeholders. Prototyping can lead to very small prototypes, such as sketches and concepts. It can also be elaborated fully into live prototypes that lead to the rollout of a product.


Capitola Digital won several awards and nominations, such as the first Golden Spin Award for VR, the Silver Spin Award, 3 x SAN Nominations, 1 Golden SAN award, 3 x ESPRIX awards and 3 x EFFIE awards nominations.

Role in the project

  • Capitola will be responsible for the software side of the VR platform and content.
  • Capitola will be working on strategy, concept outroll design and development of the tool.

Team Members

Co-founder of Capitola

Michael Gude

Michael Gude is the co-founder of Capitola. He has extensive experience in management work for Capitola’s customers, and is knowledgeable about the most advanced technological resources and applications. He has a strongly developed instinct for deploying technological tools aiming to create marketing or perceptual experiences for target audiences

Senior Digital Project Manager

Roosmarijn Rodenburg

Roosmarijn Rodenburg is a skilled Senior Digital Project Manager with ample experience in the field of VR applications for a range of sectors. She has extensive years’ experience of managing project. She will be responsible for the content throughout the PRIME-VR2 project on behalf of Capitola, and to supervise its consistent implementation according to the specifications.

Lead Developer

Robert Mooijman

Robert Mooijman is Capitola’s lead developer and will bear final responsibility for digital aspects in the project team for the healthcare projects. He has a lot of experience in realizing interactive (VR) productions, visual setups, and animations.