The Crowdhelix Network (CHX) is a pan-European Open Innovation Network that enables Research Technology Organisations (RTOs) and businesses to collaborate, innovate and grow. The network has more than 400+ member organisations from 42 countries and is present in all EU Member State countries. The network membership is reported to have won more than 2.5 billion euros of funding under Horizon 2020, highlighting the quality of its membership base. 

The network is structured around virtual technology clusters known as Helixes. There are currently 18 live Helixes in areas such as Digital, Health and Energy etc. The network hosts focused collaborative events for each Helix each year where the aim is to connect organisations across Europe and promote collaboration and open innovation.
In addition to hosting and running events, CHX also has its own technology tool called: Crowdhelix. The tool is designed so people and organisations can profile their expertise and capabilities within a Helix area. It is then used to help organisations post opportunities, which are matched to people’s profiles within the platform. Once a match is made the CHX team then help to facilitate an opportunity so that it then turns into a tangible collaboration.

Role in the project

  • CHX will set up a bespoke technology cluster (Helix) for the project, in turn acting as a commercial accelerator for the project with the principal goal of driving sustained industry exploitation, identifying IP licencing opportunities for continued revenues, motivating commercial partnerships, and steering industry & economic sustainability paths.
  • CHX will play a central role in enabling and supporting commercialisation and Industry adoption of the IP created, with appropriate outreach activities channelled and driven through the Helix.
  • CHX will continue to manage the community beyond the end of the project – promoting the project’s outputs and impacts and enabling new forms of collaboration and open innovation across the European Research Area.

Team Members

Director at Crowdhelix

Michael Browne

Michael Browne is co-founder and Director of Crowdhelix. Michael has overseen the award and delivery of more than 1 billion euros of EU funded grants and has more than 15 years’ experience in managing and exploiting large-scale international collaborative projects. Michael has extensive experience in shaping and influencing policy at regional, national and EU levels.

Helix Manager and main contact point for Crowdhelix

Marine Desoche

Marine Desoche is a Community & Project Manager for the Crowdhelix Network, responsible for community engagement, project management, & managing relationships with network members.

Product Lead at Crowdhelix

Martin Scott

Martin Scott is a co-founder of Crowdhelix as well as a strategic adviser, providing guidance on product strategy and business operations.